Poison exhibit brings new reason for a trip to the museum


When people hear the name “poison”, they freak out and think the exhibit is going to be dangerous even if it is at the family friendly “Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

There is absolutely nothing to worry because animals turn poisonous according to their diet and the experts have made sure to change their diet. “We make sure no one is exposed to any poison” quoted Jill Katzenberger, an expert with the poison exhibit. The entrance feels like you have just entered a rainforest in South America. There are sculptures of different poisonous animals and plants. Actual Poison Dart Frogs who are no longer poisonous have been kept in the exhibit. Did you know that poison dart frogs in nature use poison for self-defense? For those who love mythology, there is a section about myths and legends from the world over, about poison. As you keep looking around, you will find yourself face-to-face with the three witches from Macbeth and characters from many other popular stories that had poison in it. There is also an exciting interactive show followed by games based on the show. Finally at the end of the exhibit, it explained how some types of poison can also be good for you. This exhibit was definitely worth my time and a second visit.

People of all ages will enjoy this exhibit because there is something for everyone to do. Instead of just all Science, there are also some parts of the exhibit which have to do with Harry Potter and other fictional stories. One of the most interesting parts of the entire exhibit was this giant book which shows the different ways poison can spread. This exhibit will be at the museum until January 10th, 2016. Overall, this exhibit is phenomenal and if anyone is planning on heading down to the museum, plan to spend at least 45 minutes at the Poison exhibit