“Little Robot” a simple story


“The Little Robot”, by Ben Hatke, is a graphic novel about a little girl who finds a stranded robot in a river when she was exploring. She accidentally turns on the robot and then becomes friends with the robot and is able to fix him when he needs to be fixed. This is important because it helps their relationship and she learns how to make new robots. There are also evil robots that they must fight. The story takes place in a countryside town during the summer. Most of the story happens in a junk yard.

This book is very good for kids on the younger side. Even though it is 133 pages long, it has many, many, many pictures and few words so it is a really quick book to read. The story is simple and easy for younger kids to follow.

Older kids, like me, would find this book to be a bit boring. The plot does not have much happening in it. On half of the pages, the little robot is just learning one new thing, or he is walking around the junk yard. When the action finally does pick up, the pictures don’t quite fit the story well because they are really basic. They were drawn for kids that are in kindergarten or first grade. Older kids would prefer more action, at least some comedy, and more details in the pictures.