Youth Summit


The Youth Summit is a fun way to learn history and do community service. Each year the Youth Summit travels to a different city in Colorado, and this year, the Youth Summit traveled to Fort Collins. Water preservation was learned in the city of Fort Collins.

The Youth Summit learned that Fort Collins’s main water source is the Cache La Poudre river, also known as the Poudre River. Scientists predict that by 2050, Colorado’s population will increase by 5 million people. By then, all the water in Colorado will run out. The scientists are trying to figure out how to preserve the water, which is something that we learned as well.

On the first day of the Summit, the students went to the Fort Collins museum of history. In the museum there were many Fort Collin artifacts. Some examples were masks, fire trucks, and a circular bike. Then the Youth Summit went to the dome theater to watch the documentary of the Cache la Poudre river. On the second day of the program, we went to the city of Windsor’s town hall to meet the mayor. The mayor gave us a tour and told us the history of the town hall.

On the third day, the Summit went to Water Works. Water Works was the first building, in Fort Collins that could transport water to people faster. In the past folks would just use buckets to transport water. All the things we learn help us before we give the final presentation on the last day.

Every summer, you can participate in the Youth Summit 6th grade through 12th grade. Overall, this is an awesome program, and teaches you leadership, and history.