A Whole New World: Castle Hangnail


When a 12 year old girl shows up at Castle Hangnail and says she’s there to take the role of the castle’s new master, the minions are a little suspicious. The girl calls herself “Eudaimonia”. Many problems arise as she tries to prove she’s worthy enough to be the master of castle hangnail. There are problems like she doesn’t know enough spells, she is lying about many things, and an evil sorceress is trying to take the castle away from her. As “Eudaimonia” tries to battle for the castle and prove shes worthy enough, many things change but one secret tries to threaten “Eudaimonia’s” whole plan. Will the secret hurt her plan or will her plan actually work?

Castle Hangnail, written by Ursula Vernon, is a very interesting book. Personally, I found this book a little difficult to read because of the many high level words. Although the end had a little bit of action that I found to end the book very well. The action at the end of the book definitely helped me make a strong connection with the main character. However I do wish that the action came a little bit earlier in the book because it was on the last couple of pages. Because it came so late in the book I was not very interested in the beginning and middle because I do like a lot of action in my books. Over all I thought that this book was good and I think that many middle schoolers would like it. Just beware of the high level words!