Climbing and Camping and Hiking, Oh my!


Shelf Road has great hiking, camping and rock climbing. There are many hiking trails in the area. The Sand Gulch trail leads you along the side of the canyon and back out to the road to the campsites. There is also the Gallery trail that leads you through a forest and along the other side of the canyon.

If you are camping, there are two developed campgrounds: Sand Gulch, located as you first drive into the area, and The Bank, which is closer to the gorge. Campsites fill up, especially on weekends, and are first come first served.

All the trails lead to great rock climbing spots. Shelf Road is one of the most popular climbing areas in Colorado. If you like climbing there are many good areas you can explore: Beyond the Future, Cactus Cliff, Cactuses Rose, Cash Wall, Dark Side, Gem Wall, La Plague, Spiny Ridge, Peg Leg, the Gym, the Vault, Swahili Wall, and Bulge Wall. These sport-climbing routes range from easy to difficult.

Shelf Road is a breathtaking place sure to capture your attention and give you plenty to do. If you like climbing, hiking, and camping it will be an experience that you are sure to not forget.

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