Fantasy and Reality at War


Sony Pictures new movie Pixels turned out to be much better than the trailer led on. Intense in some scenes, though perfectly rated as PG13, I would say Pixels was an overall hit.

Back in the day when classic video games like Pac Man, Centipede, and Donkey Kong were a big production, Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), his childhood best friend Will Copper (Kevin James), and others along with them, were huge video gaming nerds! In fact they were the best in the world at these 1982 classics.

After fast forwarding about 30 years, our nerd friends are all grown up and it just so happens that Will Copper is the current President of the United States. Now, as an alien life force sends in real live video game characters to attack us, the world is dependent on these old school geeks to save them in real life. Though this time, if they lose, everyone loses a whole lot more than a quarter.

Pixels was a movie like I had never seen before! The pixilation was incredibility detailed and thoughtful, starting at the very beginning of the movie. It was a pretty funny movie over all, with just a few well done intense action parts. Pixel’s rating was very suitable for what happens, and for some of the language, thankfully though it was quite toned down in comparison to some other PG13 movies.

Also, get your parents to come along for this one. They might just enjoy it more than you. This is basically a flashback to their childhood! They grew up with these kind of games and would understand the references that our generation won’t get.

Plus, Sony Pictures did a great job incorporating the pixilated character’s personalities from the game they came from. For example, Qbert is kind of silly, and cute, and really loved trampolines (even after he fell off!), because that’s what was in his game. It was really quite clever.

All in all I highly enjoyed the movie. Pixels really is worth your time and money to go see!