Have Hair to Spare?


Yep, I know the feeling when you have to get a haircut, seems boring, sitting still as a stone while hearing the repetitive snips of a scissor. Bad hair days can make having hair seem like a hassle too, when that mess is just too wild to tame. If you have long hair, you probably run into that tangly disarray and well, you get it.

If you put things into perspective, you have a thing or two to be thankful about for your hair, even though you may not think so. Some children and adults have lost their hair to cancer treatment or some other reasons. When they lose their hair, they are at loss of self-confidence too and just want to fit in sometimes.

If you would like to help make a wig for one of these hair-loss victims, you can pick an organization to donate your hair to. These wigs are important for cancer patients because they put smiles on faces and help to regain confidence. There are some different hair donation organizations you could make a donation to and they have separate lengths that they accept as a minimum for hair donations. Here are some organizations that you can donate your hair to. Beautiful Lengths/Pantene: eight inches, Locks of Love: ten inches, and Wigs for Kids: twelve inches. From experience, the best tip for donating your hair is to have your hair separated into multiple ponytails or braids so that less hair is wasted. When hair is put into a single ponytail, and cut, your hair will be shorter in the back and longer in the front. Then, hair in the front is wasted that could have been donated if you want your hair to be even all around.

My sister Zoe has donated three times and plans on making a habit of it. ”It makes me feel really good to know that I can give my hair to people who need it more than me,” she remarked. Knowing people personally, who have had cancer, made this an especially meaningful experience for her. It doesn’t take much to touch another life, show support and make a difference for someone who is going through a difficult time.