The Dungeoneers: Take What You Want, and Live As You Will


Colm Candorly was a poor boy, who lived in a small town, in a small house, with eight sisters. His sisters all torture him relentlessly, pinning him down and tickling him with no mercy because he’s the only boy, other than his father. It can be pretty hard to get some peace and quiet. So Colm teaches himself to move silently, to hide in the shadows. He sneaks through his father’s cobbler shop and through the barn, the only places he can be alone.

Then, things get worse. One of his sisters gets sick, and needs expensive medicine. Colm worries as he listens to his parents count their meager money and decide what they’re going to have to go without this month. So he does the only thing he thinks he can. He steals. Colm pilfers more gold than he thought he could, from all the rich people strutting through Town Square. His father finds out, and Colm realizes he made it worse.Now his father will have to bring the gold to the City Council, and beg for forgiveness.

But the man who comes back with his father isn’t here to execute him. He’s a man called Finn Argos, a smooth talking man who says he can help Colm. Because of Colm’s unexpected gift of thievery, Finn invites him to join The Dungeoneers, a group of sorcerers, barbarians, thieves, and dryads led by Tye Thwodin, who raid dungeons and defeat monsters for the treasure inside. Colm makes friends quickly, and will have to make it through the delightful twists and turns of this story alive.

This book is amazing! It has a good storyline, interesting characters, and lots of twists. This story is well written, funny, and a good read. Kids in the 9-14 range would like this the most. I give this book a 10 out of 10.