The Glass Gauntlet


Being a secret agent is every kids dream, and in “The Glass Gauntlet” by Carter Roy, Ronan, Greta, and Sammy get the chance to do just that. In the first book in the series, “The Blood Guard”, Ronan Truelove and his friends discover that his father, Mr. Truelove, is the head of a sinister organization, known as the Bend Sinister. While the trio escaped with their lives, they did not manage to capture Mr. Truelove.

Book two of the series begins when Ronan, Greta, and Sammy are invited to join the Blood Guard, a mysterious organization developed to protect the Pure, of which Greta is one, and without whom the earth would perish. Greta’s father and Ronan’s mom are a part of this organization, while Sammy is a young orphan who Ronan’s family adopted. While the three friends are excited at first, they quickly lose their enthusiasm when they realize they will be training in an abandoned town, and that the closest they will come to a mission is a series of boring tests held at the estate of the mysterious (and incredibly wealthy) Ms. Glass. They quickly discover that these tests are not what they are made out to be when their chaperone disappears, leaving them stranded among ruthless contestants ready to fight their way through a series of increasingly dangerous scenarios. But are the contestants who they say they are? And is Ms. Glass really ill, or is something more sinister going on?

The plot of this book is intriguing, but very simple in terms of vocabulary and central idea. While the book moves slowly at first, it quickly fills with action and mystery. While it was a simpler read, at times it was graphic, so I would recommend it for kids ages 8-12 with an interest in adventure and mystery stories. Though it is a sequel, it is easy enough to understand without having to have read the first book. it was an easy but interesting read and I would give it 7 out of 10 stars.