Thought-provoking story is a real page turner


The Education of Ivy Blake by Ellen Airgood is an intriguing book about a girl who struggles to find her place in the world.

Ivy Blake lives with her best friend Prairie Evers and her family while her mom is in prison. Ivy is happy until her mom comes back to reclaim her daughter. She goes along with her mom only to find that her life isn’t so fun and upbeat anymore. Ivy feels ignored and tries to overlook her mom’s negative attitude but soon it becomes too much. Feeling angry and hurt, she seeks to make a difference for herself. With the ability to recognize things that people normally wouldn’t see, she soon discovers that she has great potential and is ready to make decisions for herself.

This book encourages readers to reflect on their own life. Readers will find themselves thinking more about their life compared to the characters.

I really enjoyed this book because of the characters. Each one of them was unique and I could tell the author really spent a lot of time forming and thinking about them. When a new character was introduced, a new plot or twist was added that makes you want to read more. For example, Ivy’s friend Prairie was spunky and cheerful and she was a big part of the story numerous times. Each time that she was talked about, she created a new conflict with Ivy. Another example was Ivy’s mom. Throughout the entire story her stubbornness and anger always got in the way of Ivy’s happiness and self-confidence.

This book was a sequel to Ellen Airgood’s Prairie Evers. You don’t have to read Prairie Evers before you read this book because everything is explained in the beginning. This a great book for ages ten and up because the plot and theme was at times hard to grasp. If you like stories about human struggles and friendship trouble, then this book is for you.