A young girl’s sacrifice


Cheating For The Chicken Man is a story about a girl’s attempt to protect her brother from bullying as he tries to make a fresh start. But it seems as though the more Kate helps the worse the situation gets and when Kate gets herself into trouble she realizes how far she has gone. Maybe it’s too far? When Kate’s brother, J.T., comes home from a year in a juvenile detention center, he is hoping for a new beginning.. Unfortunately, J.T. is bullied by one of his peers. Kate tries to make a difference but does not know what to do when the bully makes an offer. He will stop bullying J.T. if Kate Does all of his schoolwork. Kate is faced with an important decision.

Priscilla Cummings sequel to The Red Kayak is a suspenseful novel with twists around every corner. The author’s narrative writing draws you in by putting the you in the characters shoes. I would recommend this book for ages 9 and older because it is sometimes hard to follow.