Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation


In the latest installment of the Mission Impossible series, “Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation,” Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt, an agent for the Impossible Mission Force (IMF). This time around, Ethan and his team must try to destroy the Syndicate. The Syndicate is a highly trained organization determined to take down the IMF. The team’s mission gets much more complicated after the government decides that it’s time to shut down the IMF for good. Now, Ethan must work in secrecy and without the support of his country to stop absolute chaos from ensuing around the globe.


In the fifth installment of the “Mission: Impossible” series, director Christopher McQuarrie tapped into the same formula that has made past movies in the series so successful. “Rogue Nation” features the unforgettable action scenes these movies are known for with just the right amount of humor and plot twists built in. Throw in some high-tech gadgets, a thrilling car chase and the movie has the makings for a summer hit that will not disappoint.


Viewers that haven’t seen the previous movies should not worry. Anyone new to the series will fully understand everything going on throughout the film. Those who are fans of the movies, will spot some familiar faces and few references from the last movie.
While this is not a movie for families with young children, families with teens and tweens will enjoy it. The PG-13 rating is appropriate due to several violent fighting scenes. Although it is worth noting that very little blood is shown on screen and the violence is not as gratuitous as it is in many other action movies.


Normally, when a series gets to the fifth movie, the allure has worn off and the newer movies can’t seem to live up to its predecessors. “Rogue Nation” seems to be the exception as the Mission Impossible formula seems to only improve with time.