War in a Young Girl’s Perspective


When a war knocks on your door, what would you do? “Cold War on Maplewood Street” by Gayle Rosengren features a young girl’s experience in the time of cold war. With her father gone and her brother on a navy ship, she must follow the action inside her home. Every day brings on a new fear. In “Cold War on Maplewood Street,” the girl’s fears are unleashed.

One day Joanna is sitting in front of the TV doing her daily math homework when Kennedy comes on with frightening news. Soviet missiles are headed towards Cuba and that is exactly where her brother Sam is!

Suddenly, Joanna’s life is thrown upside down. She never knows if this day could be her and her brother’s last. School has become different too. Rumors are spreading about the Russians starting a war and air raid drills are happening every day. Her worries of not going to a dance, being home alone, and talking to a boy she likes, don’t seem so important now that her brother is headed straight into danger’s grasp.

“Cold War on Maplewood Street” by Gayle Rosengren held me at the edge of my seat the whole time. Though this novel is easy to read and understand, it makes you value each day that you are alive and there is peace on our planet. In this short book, each word holds a deep meaning. In these pages you will find love, fear, hope, regret, and, in the end, joy.

Even though this story is mostly serious, it combines humor through Joanna’s active imagination. What she thought was a kidnapped person trying to send her a message, turned out to be a nice old lady’s cane thumps.

I loved “Cold War on Maplewood Street” by Gayle Rosengren, and no matter how old you are, you will love it, too.