Humans as Pets?


A Dragon’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans by Laurence Yep and Joanne Ryder is a book that will help you zone into the dragon’s world. It all begins when Mrs. Drake lost her pet Fluffy. Now Fluffy wasn’t a dog or a cat, the big twist was Mrs. Drake was a dragon and Fluffy was a human. Fluffy had a great niece named Winnie. One day, Mrs. Drake and Winnie went to the market and Winnie had retrieved a sketchbook with magic. She didn’t know it though. It had the power to unleash her sketchlings on San Francisco and some of the sketchlings weren’t as friendly.

Mrs. Drake and Winnie soon realized the sketching’s were gone from the magic sketchbook! They began looking. They found a few near Winnie and Mrs. Drake’s house. Whenever they found one Winnie would open the book while Mrs. Drake would say the spell that put the sketchlings in the sketch book.

In the middle of going sketchling hunting, they went to Mrs. Drake’s house. When they got there, Mrs. Drake learned that Winnie had drawn her and that copy came to life! The sketching just didn’t want to go into the book just like the other sketchlings. The rest of the book is about how Mrs. Drake, Winnie and the other villagers play their part.

This book is for kids around 7 and up. There is no bad language so parents shouldn’t worry. This book is not like Harry Potter or How to Train Your Dragon it’s more like a mix between them. However, there is no other book like it. There is no suspense or drops. I thought it was on a scale of a one to ten about a 7. However, this book had my attention enough to realize how good it was! The title alone makes you want to crack open the book and read it!