Ranger’s Apprentice, the Prequel


“Ranger’s Apprentice, The Early Years” is the prequel to the 12 book Ranger’s Apprentice series. If you’ve read the 12th book of the series, you’ll remember that a couple of chapters gave a general summary of this pretense version. I wish I had not read the summary in the 12th book because it contained a lot of information and I like things to be more of a surprise. We learn about what happened before Morgarath is driven out of Castle Gorlan and the kingdom of Araluen.

If you haven’t read the series, you may want to know that this is an action-packed story that takes place in medieval times. There are figures called rangers who protect the 50 fiefs of the Araluen kingdom. Rangers have excellent accuracy with longbows, throwing knives, and have mottled cloaks for camouflage. A fief of Araluen is basically a state with 1 baron. A baron is similar to a governor. There are 50 rangers, 1 for each fief. In the Ranger’s Apprentice series, Morgarath is an evil baron who was driven out of Araluen and forms an army of monstrous beasts to take the kingdom back. Can the rangers defend the kingdom? Read the series to find out!

While reading this prequel I definitely had some ‘aha’ moments that explained things that happen later in the series. I recommend this book for ages 8-15 because the book is a bit violent for younger kids.You may also want to checkout the series Brotherband Chronicles, which is an after story of Ranger’s Apprentice in an icy area called skandia. All these books were written by John Flanagan.