Travel to the World Fair with the Citizens of Wanderville!


The citizens of Wanderville have escaped an orphan train, avoided the police, and deceived the evil Miss DeHaven countless times, and now they are finally on their way to California! However, when they find themselves without transportation, they choose to make a delivery for a mysterious dandy that will hopefully get them enough cash to travel to California and give them the ability to finally—finally—create Wanderville again.

The third installment to Wendy McClure’s Wanderville series lives up to the standards set by the other two Wanderville books. It is entertaining, well-written, and also has an interesting, well-developed plot. In fact, Wanderville: Escape to the World’s Fair’s plot is more developed then the second book’s was.

To understand Wanderville: Escape to World’s Fair, you will have had to read the first two, because the story picks up right where it left off at the end of the second one, without any refreshers or explanations. While that may please readers who finish one book in a series and immediately begin the next one, it will be hard for people who waited a long time between the second and the third one. As for people who haven’t even read the first two books, they will not understand it in the least.

I would recommend this novel for the same audience as the other two: the 8-10 years range, although older readers will enjoy it, as long as they’re not looking for a challenge.

Wanderville: Escape to World’s Fair is an excellent novel that will not disappoint fans of the Wanderville series. It is just as entertaining and fun as the last one, if not more of both!