Fantastic Four


Another movie of Marvel Entertainment is out! Fantastic Four directed by Josh Trank, and music composed by Philip Glass.

Fantastic Four is about how an eager high school student named Reed (Miles Teller) and his friend Ben (Jamie Bell). Their dream was to be the first people ever to make a teleporter that travels into another Universe, and also bring them back to Earth. When Reed and Ben enter their teleporter in the High School demonstration, but the judges could not understand their invention.

However, Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) and his daughter Susan Storm (Kate Mara) offer a place for Ben and Reed at the Baxter Foundation, which changed their lives forever. The University has been able to teleport it to another Universe, but not able to bring it back.

Reed, Susan, Johnny, and Victor, are a group of highly smart students that Franklin gathered to make the first teleporter. After years of hard work they finally finish the teleporter. When they demonstrated that the teleporter works, Blake (Tim Nelson) sends a mission to NASA to send men to travel into another Universe.

In a fit of rage, Reed, Johnny, Ben, and Victor decide that they will be the first humans to go to the other Universe, but when they get there, things did not go as planned. Once there, out of curiosity they touched the green light that gave them superpowers and that also changed their physical forms. When they came back from the other Universe, Reed tried to figure out a cure to turn them back into their regular forms. Find out if they will find a cure or not.

In the beginning of the movie it was hard to understand but when it moves on then it gets interesting. My favorite part was when they teleported themselves into the other Universe. This PG-13 science fiction is full of action, and some humor.