Living a day in the past


I visited Four Mile Historic Park, a unique and interesting park that has enough attractions for several hours of fun. I visited the park on a Friday. The first Friday of each month is good because it is free general admission.

All day I observed how life was in the 1800’s. At the school, they only used one book for each grade! I also saw an old tool shed that has two carriages and some unique inventions that farmers used to use, like a weird type of plow that they would pull by humans before they used oxen. My favorite stop was the visit with the blacksmiths. I spoke with Mike, Steve and Mart. They were actively making tools. They said that blacksmithing is not hard, but it is tricky. When the metal is heated enough, the metal bends like clay.

I also went panning for gold. They give you pans at the front desk. The trick is to go down deep in the dirt and don’t just wash the pan out right away. Add a bit more water and keep wearing down the layers. When you are done, you get to keep the 3 biggest pieces of gold.

I went to the cooking area and the food was very good. I got to sample an iced pumpkin cookie and pumpkin pie. I also got to try some chicken soup. On special days, like birthdays, you can make butter, or bake your own cake in a wood fired oven. They had a garden that grows the same food that the pilgrims used to grow. They had a couple of squashes with a sign that said the pilgrims would eat squash for every meal.

The stables had animals like goats and horses. You could buy wagon rides. They also let you feed the chickens for 25 cents for a cup of food.

For a free day, there were a lot of people there. However the park is large so I didn’t have to wait long to do things.
I recommend the park for kids aged 5-11.