A Place that’s Worth the Long Ride


On Saturday, August 1st, 2015 the Colorado Kids Reporters had a field trip to visit the Lakeside Amusement Park, which is where I met my fellow reporters for the first time! They really encouraged me to write my first article! Alongside of that Lakeside Amusement Park turned out to be the perfect location to make some new friends.

Meeting my peer reporter was really fun and we I saw all the supplies I would be working with for the first time. Manny of the reporters seemed to have experience; hence they all brought really nice cameras and had a notepad to write notes down on. Everyone was really kind and as I said earlier checking out these people’s enthusiasm really encouraged me! Ms. Dana Plewka was really awesome and helped me understand what writing an article is about. While I was unfortunately unable to meet Mr. Peterson I talked too many of the adults present there. After that the entire group dispersed as was to meet back in about half an hour for a picture. As I saw during the picture nobody was awkward about the situation. Everybody was linking arms and smiling as if we are family. Which, in a sense I guess we are which is certainly like joining a team? And then we were off again! Where I learned that most of the rides at the park were human-interactive!

The first ride I went on was the Satellite, which allowed the airplanes to be driven by the passengers which seemed pretty real as there was a handle to take the airplane up and down. However, my favorite rollercoaster was probably the Cyclone, which coincidentally is the parks biggest attraction. It was the most rapid and exhilarating ride with multiple drops that made my stomach feel like jelly. Yet, that’s not all, my second favorite ride was the Zoom Drop Tower. The plastic seats are mounted on top of a light-up tower, which rises up many feet only to drop down really quick at the blink of an eye. At the top of the Zoom Drop Tower there is quick stop of about five seconds where the riders get to see a beautiful view of the lake lying beside the amusement park. The second ride that truly outlined the gorgeous blue lake was the train around the lake that also displayed the entire amusement park to the passengers riding. Speaking of water, the last ride that I went on was when I truly got to know one of my fellow reporters and his family. We went on the Skoota Boats. This is where it is bumper cars but on boats. It was really interesting and we were able to drive the boats. Alongside of that I bumped my fellow reporters many times which was kind of like a team-building activity that was really fun. Lastly, I went on the Sports Cars ride where we had to race against my other fellow reporter to get first place. While there was no bumping on this ride we were racing admits one another. It was equally fun and quite the experience. Whoa these reporters are talented in many different fields! That was the last ride I went on for the day!

Lastly, the food there was what anybody would expect from an amusement park! With funnel cake, cheesy fries, Icees, and ice cream on that hot summer day was just perfect and that just happened to be how I ended the day.