The Kat Sinclair Files: Dead Air by Michelle Schusterman


In the book “The Kat Sinclair Files: Dead Air,” by Michelle Schusterman, Kat and her father live on the road for her father’s new job hosting a ghosting investigating show, called “Passport to the Paranormal.” When Kat Sinclair’s father tells about the job, she packs her bags without a thought. The show causes Kat and her dad to visits some of the world’s most haunted places in America.

Kat was expecting the ghost-hunting life to be exciting, fun and unpredictable. She rapidly realizes that life isn’t as great as she thought. With the producer’s irritating nephew suddenly showing up and the cast and crew not always getting along, she isn’t enjoying the experience. Kat begins to get bored without her grandmother and friends. Boredom causes Kat to create a blog to allow the audience to get a behind the look into one of the most spine chilling shows on TV. As she goes farther into research and behind the scenes, Kat soon reveals more than she ever expected to find out.

Since this book was a mystery and horror genre, a more unpredictable plot was expected. As I got farther into the book most of the main events were anticipated. It was easier for me to put the book down because I could guess what was going to happen next. The author used obvious clues to show what was going to happen next.

However, the lower vocabulary level in the book made it very easy to follow and gave a good idea of what was going on. This book had a good format so that it was easy to decipher who was talking and what was going on. The dialogue was labeled making it easy to understand who was talking.

“The Kat Sinclair Files: Dead Air,” is more suitable for younger readers, since it was a very easy read for me. I would recommend this book for an eight to ten year-old audience who enjoy a little bit of predictable mysteries and would just like a quick and easy read.