Topsy Turvy Magic


The Beaumont family is nothing close to a normal family. Every family member gains a magical power called a savvy on the day of their 13th birthday, but they also have to hide those savvy powers from the outside world.

Switch, by Ingrid Law, is a book full of mystery and excitement. Following her many other siblings, Gypsy Beaumont wakes to blurry vision, and starts seeing glimpses into other people’s future or past.

Samson, the oldest brother still living in the family house (Rocket and Finn are both grown up and moved out) has the savvy to turn invisible, Mama’s savvy allows her to be perfect–she never trips, spills, or burns anything. Little Tucker, who is only six years old, has not received his savvy yet.

When their Papa breaks the news to the family that their mean grandma Pat, who has Alzheimer’s, is coming to live with them, everything changes. The whole family has a savvy SWITCH up! Now all their savvy’s are the topsy-turvy opposites.

Gypsy can now stop time and start it again, Samson lights on fire, Mama is everything but perfect, and Tucker gains his power 7 years early! He can grow gigantic and shrink incredibly small.

Will the family save their grandma Pat from the terrible events that are in her future, keep their savvy secret safe, and get the whole family home in one piece? Read this wonderful book to find out!

I really enjoyed reading this book. It is definitely a page turner that leaves you wanting more! Having read book one and two in the Savvy series or not, Switch was a very entertaining book. I would recommend this book for ages 9 and up, because it is kind of a challenging book, but is totally appropriate and has a bit of humor sprinkled in throughout the entire book.