Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes


“Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes” by Juan Felipe Herrera with illustrations by Raul Colon, is a book that I really recommend to people who like history.

It contained many Hispanic Heroes who helped people and did many great things. It goes from professions like playing sports to politics. The book had many famous Hispanic people to read about and really shows many great feats and actions made by people. I had many favorite people in the book that I read about. If the book became a movie it would be like a documentary.

The stories in the book are very brief but give a lot of information, though, if you are doing extended research on a person you would need additional resources.

One of my favorite topics in the book was Bernardo De Galvez, who was a great hero for Spain in the American Revolution. It talks about how he followed in his father’s footsteps of the military. The book also talks about how he became one of the greatest commanders of the American Revolution. It gives many interesting facts about him and tells you how he became “Yo Solo.” Finally it talks about one of his greatest feats and battles of the American Revolution.

My second favorite person in the book is Roberto Clemente. It shows how he grew up to be a Hall of Famer. The author states how he was poor and used old cans to play baseball.

As you can see this book has very interesting people to learn about. It shows their early life and who they became through adulthood.

I think this book is for students in 4th to 8th grade who like biographies.Parents would have to read it to younger children.