Full Cicada Moon


Taking place in Hillsborough, Vermont, Mimi Oliver feels out of place. Everyone is acting as if she is from an alien planet and all that she wants to do is join wood shop and compete in the annual “Science Groove”. But not only is her half-Japanese, half-African American self getting certain unnecessary boundaries from the town, she is also a girl and in the society she has become greatly looked down upon. This frustrates her as she strives toward her dream of becoming an astronaut and once she makes several friends the segregation against her gender and ethnicity inspire her to speak up for what she believes is right.

In Marilyn Hilton’s most recent novel, Full Cicada Moon the life and emotions of Mimi Oliver are truly and beautifully written through poetry. It is magnificent the way that Hilton sews together words stitching a beautiful quilt of colorfully written poems and sentences. The verses in Full Cicada Moon are delicate at the same time strong with fierce knowledge and opinion.

Full Cicada Moon was a bittersweet novel that I truly loved and enjoyed to read. Though the writing itself was not overly difficult some “themes” were serious and I recommend it for kids aged nine and up.  This is a treasure to behold and is truly so different from all the other books, it is definitely a novel that is worth your time.