The Wild Ones


Many animals have adapted to life in the city, such as raccoons, mice, squirrels, and foxes. C. Alexander London has managed to write a tale that will make readers ponder about what these creatures are really doing. “The Wild Ones” is a story about how a young raccoon is able to change the fate of an entire community. It is a great story for children ages nine through eleven.

Kit is a young raccoon that lived happily with his parents in the woodlands, under the Big Sky. However, he is forced to flee from home when his home is destroyed by a pack of hunting dogs that call themselves the “flealess.” When he escapes from his old home he has to find an uncle he has never met while protecting a relic with a value is unknown to him. When Kit arrives in the city to find his uncle, he encounters many challenges he never expected.

“The Wild Ones” by C. Alexander London is a great story of family and friendship. It is a tale of courage and wits, and is good for readers who enjoy mystery and adventure. As Kit desperately explores the strange environment known as the city, will he be able to save the threatened creatures of the alley?