A New Meaning to Post-Apocalyptic Thriller


After seeing the first movie in the Maze Runner trilogy, I was very excited for the next one to come out. The first Maze Runner movie is based in a near post-apocalyptic time. Thirty boys are stuck in a maze with all of their memories erased. Eventually they escape after three years of failed attempts. But once they get out the real challenge begins.

And this is where the movie Scorch Trials starts off; they have escaped from the maze only to find echoes of what was once mankind. Years before, a solar flare from the sun called The Scorch eradicated most of the moisture on planet Earth leaving humans nothing to live on. But the worst was yet to come, a disease called The Flare struck all mankind wiping the rest of them out and making them into zombie-like monsters called cranks. The remaining boys from the maze are immune to the sickness but there are still many obstacles on their way to find asylum.

Once I got out of the movie theater, I was a little disturbed. I would recommend this movie to only the most die-hard horror fans that are at least 14 years old. Filled with jump scares and grossly graphic cranks, it is definitely not a movie for families. In the original books there was no bad language and the cranks were not as creepy. I think the writers amplified the horror and added unnecessary cursing. The first Maze Runner had a different feel to it, a better, more family feel. But that feeling just disappeared in the second installment.

The translation from book to movie followed the same storyline but added unnecessary creepiness and foul language making this a movie for teens only. Overall, I don’t think you should take your children that are under fourteen to this movie unless you know they can handle the intensity.