“Shivers! The Pirate Who’s Afraid of EVERYTHING”


“Shivers – The Pirate Who Is Afraid of Everything” by Annabeth Bondor-Stone and Connor White

Shiver me timbers me hearty! If yer pleasure be to find a book worthy of swashbucklin’ tales and a booty full of doubloons, then rest assured that yer choice with this fine tale be worthy . . .otherwise to Davy Jones’ locker with ye and yer fellow scurvy dogs! Lily-livered landlubbers and buccaneers beware!!!

Seriously, I think that this book is a fascinating book. This story is of a pirate named Shivers who is afraid of everything, even the ocean! Snails are, in Shivers opinion, his number one enemy and greatest fear. His best friend is his pet goldfish ‘Albie’ who is his first mate and is also his encourager. Shivers is a land-loving pirate whose family (Mom Tilda the tormentor, Dad Bob, and older brother Brock) is captured while searching for the Treasure Torch (from the Statue of Liberty). He receives a letter from their captor, Mustardio, demanding that Shivers come rescue them. Meanwhile, Mustardio’s real motive is to capture Shivers as well. I won’t tell you any more about the story, but let’s just say that it involves using a piano as an anchor, nearly falling into a circle of sharks, a lobster sword battle, and, of course, a treasure of gold. Will Shivers’ fears get in the way or help?

There are a lot of sketches that help you see what the plot is. For example, I thought the mom was going to be a scrawny mom that carries a sword everywhere, but instead she was the exact opposite and was very strong. She did, however, carry a sword (so I got that part right). Kids my age (7-12) will enjoy this book because it is funny, pretty easy to understand, and not too long. It is only 175 pages.