Bracelets: Balancing the Good and Bad


Friendship bracelets are something that girls love wearing to represent a bond with a good friend, and to keep that relationship alive. Making these bracelets is much more meaningful and fun than just buying ones from a store, so this holiday season, if you know any young girls, you might want to consider getting them something that will give them the ability to create this type of jewelry.

With seven colors of string, and 11 design instructions, as well as a loom and beads to enhance the designs, the friendship bracelet kit by Melissa and Doug is a great way for girls to make stylish, intricate bracelets. I thought the kit was really neat and fun. However, the instructions are not very clear, so there’s some guesswork involved, especially with the knots. The pictures were the most helpful part of the instructions. Also, some of the lengths given in the instructions were too short or long, making an odd sized bracelet. I found it helpful to put a weight on the ends of the strings, so that they don’t get out of order. Keeping the strings organized is really important, and if you make a mistake, it’s nearly impossible to fix.

Also, you can’t start the hard designs without doing the others first, because it references things explained earlier. Going in order is helpful.

One big downside of the kit is that each bracelet takes about an hour to make, and that there is not enough string to make one of each design, much less matching pairs. I did like how you could use the techniques learned to create your own design, though.

I thought the kit had a lot of downsides, but it also had a lot of upsides, and I think the good things outweigh the bad, making this a good gift. I would say that kids over 10 should be able to figure it out, but kids under 10 might need some help with it, and I recommend getting it.