High Adventure


“The last word always belongs to the mountain.” The movie Everest is a movie of victory and defeat. In this thrill seeking movie a group of experienced climbers venture out to conquer their dreams, to climb Mount Everest. They knew that Everest was going to be a challenging mountain to defeat, they knew that if they got up they had to get back down. But what they didn’t know was that “the last word always belongs to the mountain.”
Apart from the movie Everest being full of excitement and action it was also very scenic and spiritual. For example when the team would get ready to start their adventure to the top of Everest they would always pray with other climbers from Nepal. Another really great thing about the movie was the wonderful views of the icy mountains and the open skies. But the views weren’t the only wonderful thing about this movie, there was some fantastic acting, This movie has some big heights but it also has some big names. Like Keira Knightley, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Emily Watson. The movie Everest went above and beyond and I hope that it’s reveiws do too!

Everest is a great movie but it’s not the only record of the 1997 Mt. Everest disaster. John Krakauer also happens to be one of the climbers featured in the movie. His book, Into Thin Air, tells his personal view of his trip to the top of Everest.
Although I wish that everybody could watch this movie, I am afraid that some of the scenes are too tough for some ages to handle and understand. So sadly I only recommend this movie for ages over 10. But anybody older than 10 go see Everest, especially if you love teamwork, family, and action adventure.