Absolutely Almost: A Story of Almost


Albie has always been an almost. Almost good enough to pass spelling tests. Almost good at math. Almost good enough to make his parents proud. This is the way it’s always been, and the way Albie thinks it will stay. His parents demand that he try harder, get all those words right on the spelling tests he’s almost good enough to pass, get extra help with the reading he’s almost good enough to do. Darren Ackleman, a horrible kid who hates Albie, calls him names that ruin his confidence in himself.

Then, everything begins to change.  Albie meets Calista, an artist and nanny who changes his entire perspective, and Betsy, a quiet, stuttering girl who says he should be himself, no matter what. With these new friends, will Albie be able to pull it together and become better than an almost?

This book is amazing. It has an array of quirky characters, and unexpected plot twists. This book is a book in my Top Ten Best Books, and I would give it at least 9 out of 10.