Do You Have an Imaginary Friend?


Your fellow class captains are picking teams for a game. You wait to be picked…..but never are. Your class starts the game without you. The coach doesn’t care. You think everyone hates you, only to realize you’re imaginary. Well, then you can really connect to Jacques Papier in the book Confessions of an Imaginary Friend by Michelle Cuevas. Jacques thinks everyone hates him. Teachers never call on him, his sister, Fleur, has to remind their parents to set a place for him at the table and he is never picked for the team.

Jacques is Fleur’s brother but really her imaginary friend. Jacques thinks he’s as real as Fleur, until he meets the skating cowgirl at the park. Jacques revealed everything to her. “Do you know why everyone hates you?” She asked.” You’re imaginary.” Jacques didn’t find the point in life after that. He moped around for the rest of the day.

Then, he joined an imaginary friend club. He met new imaginary “friends”. Jacques shared that he wanted to be free. The imaginary club members tell Jacques about the Office of Registration where you can be free. Jacques talks to Fleur and she agrees to set him free. But instead of being free, he was reassigned with other kids. He hated it all so much he resigned. Jacques was assigned to a few nice kids, and a few mean kids, and then he met Felice.

Confessions of an Imaginary Friend is told as a memoir, so Jacques’s story is out in the world. I thought it was an interesting point of view. This book is for kids of all ages, or for a parent to read to younger kids. It is nothing like I have ever read. Beyond compare.