Fighting Cancer with Dodgeball


Wham! The dodge ball flies through the air and hits a teacher. We all know who threw that dodge ball! Yep that’s right, Cresthill Middle School students got together and forked up some money in order to play dodge ball during homeroom. There were competitions after competitions with a winner and a loser after each round. Soon it was just one team against another the winning team would get a free entrance ticket to play in the final round against the teachers!

Yet, the real reason dodge ball was played for a totally different reason. To help fight cancer. A former student at Cresthill Middle School named Mary Godfrey, has cancer and to be honest her parents need help paying the insurance to keep up her treatment. During this tournament students were sending her pictures and she just happened to be going through therapy at the moment. She was overwhelmed with happiness as the students were raising money for her and her family and having fun while doing so.
The school spirit shined very bright during this event. Students were very excited and shared their support against cancer! One team of all guys wore pink to support the fight against breast cancer. They had pink socks, pink shoes, pink t-shirts and pink shorts which they wore on leggings ( yeah, that was weird!) However, not to mention this one kid even had pink sunglasses! From bandannas to their shoelaces this team was ready to fight cancer with dodge ball! The one thing that pleased many people was that every team had a fair share price wise. As, each team had about six people who all had to pay the same price. It was a great event that was a lot of fun!

The students at Cresthill Middle School were able to raise about $750 dollars to help Mary Godfrey. she was overjoyed and simply had the best visit to the doctor’s office that she had in a really long time. However, the coolest part was seeing the entire school come together to help support one student. This truly showed unity and the love and bonding that students have at Cresthill Middle School. It was a wonderful and fun event that was for a great cause-to fight cancer!