This Broken Wondrous World


“This Broken Wondrous World” by Jon Skovron is a book is about monsters who live around the world. The main character’s name is Boy, the son of Frankenstein’s monster. He has spent his whole life living with humans and other monsters. Whenever he goes out in public, he is hidden with a special makeup called Glamor that makes him not look like a monster. This is important because the existence of the monsters is unknown to humans. Just like humans, monsters come in all different sizes, shapes and personalities.

There is a war that is triggered by one, evil monster and it has a disastrous ripple effect. The story was exciting to read and there were some creepy funny scenes. However, the majority of the book was full of tragedy and could be considered disturbing. For example when one of the characters was being eaten, the author describes how blood was squirting and bones were crunching.

There are 384 pages and is best for an audience 12 and older. There are no illustrations but each new character is described with a lot of detail. Warning – this book contains gore, some frightening scenes, and profanity. This story was rather emotional and quite gruesome to read. It will appeal to people that enjoy creepy, scary, horror types of movies.

Although this is the second book about Boy (the first one was called “Man Made Boy”), it is understandable by itself. The story may be too much for a young reader. A young reader may also find it difficult to follow all of the different monsters and places because events happen everywhere from Phoenix to New York and lots of new characters are introduced throughout the book.