The Business Leaders of Tomorrow Start Today


Owning a business as a kid inspires confidence, teaches responsibility, and perhaps most enticingly, generates profit! So why doesn’t every kid become an entrepreneur? Fear of failure and procrastination are two major reasons why kids and adults alike never realize their business goals. The Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs, put on by the Young Americans Center for Financial Education, recognized young business owners that were able to overcome these obstacles.

Several of the nine honorees expressed that they had experienced qualms themselves before launching their businesses. So what made them successful and even award-winning? They simply weren’t deterred by any of the possible setbacks. Isabelle May, the winner of the 6-11 year old category, is no stranger to failure. At only 11 years old, she has already had two businesses, one of which flopped. As a six year old, Isabelle founded Funky Flip Flops which eventually had to shut down, because, as business-savvy Isabelle says, “We were trying to sell them in winter!” She had also applied to the Young Entrepreneurs Business competition for four years, before finally emerging victorious in 2015 with her new business, Charming Wine Charms.
“When you think everything has failed, get through it and keep trying.” Isabelle declared, before turning back to her large crowd of eager customers.

Another finalist of the competition, 16 year old Hannah Isenhart, has been an entrepreneur for ten years! Her company, Hanimals, manufactures adorable cards with images of stuffed animals placed in their natural habitats. She has loved photography and stuffed animals ever since she was six. That was when she combined her passions into a business that donates one third of its profits to saving polar bears’ habitats. “As a six year old, I didn’t have much use for money!” Hannah says about the decision to donate her profits to her favorite charity. As for her advice to fellow entrepreneurial kids? If you have a business idea,
“Just act on it!”

All the kids at the celebration, no matter how young, agreed that there is no time like the present to realize your entrepreneurial goals!