Superman? Not really … Stan Slater’s Near Death Adventures


Looking for near-death adventures? Hmmm, then Stanley Slater is your man.

In “My Near-Death Experiences (99% True!)” by Allison DeCamp,  the one and the only Stanley Slater, now 11, practically twelve, has to go to a lumber camp, full of manly-men, Geri, and his Grandma. And you do not want to live with them for two months.

Right off the bat Stan hears about the crazy, deathly manly-man adventure of the River Drive. Rolling on unstable logs in a swollen river with a good chance of injury? Well, duh, Stan wants to go. But, now he’s stuck with a flower apron, Geri, and Grandma. Can’t you see? He’s a man! But he’s not in the hard-core woods, yet.

According to rumors, his new manly friend, Peter, is a killer. So, suspicious eyes glare at him. And Stinky Pete is now his name. Stan doesn’t trust him… not one bit.

As If Stinky Pete and flower aprons weren’t enough for his manly reputation, he’s stuck with 99.9% evil Granny and 99.9% evil Geri. With trouble making, Cousin Geri in his life it gets hard. Geri, of course, has to do some trouble and tip an outhouse with someone in it. And who gets in Trouble? Stan.

Yet again. Now Granny, one horrible word and your ear is going to be pinched-and it hurts. Even at his bad-mouthed, manly (not really) tries to be a man, he’s yelled at or almost pinched to death.

Stan’s dad is roaming the wide country. Stan’s beautiful mama is getting crushed on at the camp. And one, particularly whimpy fellow, Mr.Crutchly, Is on to his sweet mother. It so not allowed…..

River Drive? His dad? His Sweet mama? His evil granny that has fingers like a crab’s? Geri and her docter-y ways? A vinegar pie? It’s all in the book.

This book was interesting because of its story, its humor, and all the twists and the action and is a fun read. Pictures are sometimes included, and it’s all back in the 1800’s which is a nice turn of events. This book was so intriguing and, what’s the word?

Phenomenal. I totally recommend it.