Pop Into Your Imagination


Pop into your imagination with “Pop up Posters” by Melissa and Doug. “Pop up posters” are posters you color and bring to life.

When I first looked at all the posters, my first thought was, all the posters in this package are based on girls. The theme of the package I received was a garden theme. The posters had a lot of hearts, flowers and butterflies. Melissa and Doug also have another set of pop up posters, one that boys may enjoy. The theme of it is under the sea. 

The posters are very easy to do. The posters do not require anything fancy, except for your favorite markers or crayons. When I colored one of the posters, the markers I used didn’t show up as dark as they normally would on paper. My red looked a lot like a dark orange. However, crayons show up perfectly fine. My favorite part about the crayons was it made the posters look realistic. Making the poster 3D is the easiest part. Once you are done coloring the poster, all you have to do is follow the directions and fold the flaps. Then your poster looks 3D! 

This is a great inexpensive holiday gift for people that love to color and make breathtaking art (like me).  It would make for a great stocking stuffer! You can choose from a garden poster pack that girls may enjoy, or an ocean pack for boys. But it is not gender specific and you can choose whichever one you want. There is an recommended age requirement, of five years old and up. Anybody younger than 5 would have problems folding the smaller pieces. I really enjoyed making these posters. My seven year old brother really enjoyed coloring the posters as well.