Off to Neverland With Pan!


Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan and his adventures with Wendy. But no one knows who Peter Pan was before he became Peter Pan. Pan tells the story of how Peter Pan came to be, and how he changed Neverland.

Pan begins at the boys’ home where Peter, who was brought to the home as a baby, lives. He’s a typical movie-orphan, waiting for his mother to come back for him, and getting into trouble constantly. That is, until he is stolen from his bed one night and taken to Neverland. There, he meets Blackbeard, the formidable pirate, and a man with whom he quickly makes acquaintances with: James Hook. Soon after meeting, Peter and Hook find themselves with Tiger Lily and her tribe. They learn that Blackbeard poses a threat to Neverland and its creatures, and Peter is the only one who can save it.

Pan is a movie that will transfix all viewers and draw them into the world of Neverland. With astonishing effects and excellent acting, this movie will have everyone glued to the screen. It was cast perfectly, and also had riveting soundtrack, which included some popular pop songs as well as instrumental music.

Pan is rated PG, but is probably not for young children who are frightened easily, as some of the pirates are rather scary-looking. It is also violent, but there is no blood throughout the whole movie.

People who saw and enjoyed the original Peter Pan will enjoy this, because it is not a remake, but a story about how Peter Pan became who he is.

Pan is for everyone who loves action, everyone who loves fairy tales, and everyone looking for a good movie to see! So grab your popcorn, because this is not a movie you will want to miss!