A Brilliant Book


“Brilliant” by Roddy Doyle will take you on a brilliant chase through Dublin. The story begins with a conversation between two dogs. The dogs are upset because the black dog of depression has come to Dublin and is making all the grown-ups sad. Raymond and Gloria are feeling the effects of the dog, even if they don’t know what it is. Their uncle Ben has lost his job, and everyone seems sadder than usual. Then, the night before Saint Patrick’s Day, they hear their grandma say that the black dog of depression has stolen Ben’s funny bone.

            Raymond and Gloria leave their house to find the dog and get the funny bone back, but they encounter a problem, it’s just too bloody dark! Could the word, brilliant light the way? During the adventure, Ramond and Gloria are joined by hundreds of other kids, who’s parents have also been affected by the Black Dog.

             The book “Brilliant” is brilliant. The writing is great, and the story is enjoyable. If you like animals and vampires, mysteries and love, smiles and laughter, and very confused adults then you will think this book is brilliant. Roddy Doyle develops a brilliant story in this brilliant book. I would recommend this book to people ages 8 to 108 that like a good mystery.