Kick Flipper Fun


Kick! Flip! Hop! Pop!
The Kick Flipper is such a fun toy! It’s like a skateboard without wheels. The best part about it is being able to have the feeling of skateboarding indoors, on the carpet. It is not a toy that rolls on the floor as a skateboard would. The Kick Flipper is made of a sturdy plastic with a smooth surface to easily glide on the carpet as you attempt different tricks. The edges of the Kick Flipper are flipped up to resemble a skateboard. All you need is a smooth non-scratch able surface to begin trying skateboard-like tricks. This toy will help all kids who want to become good at skateboarding and even snowboarding.

The Kick Flipper helps with foot coordination and balance. I would highly recommend visiting to learn tips and tricks for this toy before buying it. The website has trick cards you can print with visual diagrams to teach yourself the coolest new tricks. Once you safely master them indoors on the carpet, maybe you will be brave enough to try them outdoors on a skateboard or in the snow.

The new Kick Flipper toy is recommended for kids ages 5 and up. The packaging also says that it holds up to 200 lbs. I think the board itself seemed very small. To be honest, the size of the board seemed like it was made for much younger kids. I felt like it might break with my whopping 70 pounds on it. My dad close to 200 lbs did try it on the carpet and the Kick Flipper is still in one piece. My younger sisters ages 5 and 7 had a great time trying it out on the carpet, the grass, and even a rug in their bedroom. While I think the Kick Flipper is great for younger kids probably ages 5-8, I did feel like a professional skateboarder in my own living room.