A movie that will Leave You with GooseBumps


Recently I had the chance to see the new movie Goosebumps and meet several members of the cast, including three wonderful young actors and one certified movie star. I interviewed Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, Ryan Lee, and comedy legend, Jack Black about their new film.

The movie cleverly brings R.L. Stine’s series of books to life. When Zach Cooper moves to the small town of Greendale, Maryland, he finds an unexpected surprise. His next-door neighbors are the secretive introvert R.L. Stine and his adventurous daughter Hannah. Both carry a dangerous secret. One day Zach and his newfound friend Champ open one of the horror writer’s original manuscripts, bringing the monster of the book to life. In a chain of events leading to the take-over of the town by R.L. Stine’s monsters, Zach and his friends must literally face their demons to save their town.

On a scale of one to ten I would give this movie a ten! I loved the tone of the movie. It’s scary, but not the kind of scary that stays with you for weeks. It’s the kind that will leave you laughing. For all you parents out there debating whether to take your kids to this movie, take any of them that are 8+.

With all the special effects and animated monsters, you would think it would be hard to film some scenes. But the cast said they had little trouble acting scared of the animated monsters. Some of the time they would actually have something real following them, whether it was a hard-core parkourist in a green suit, or a tennis ball on a stick.
“It depends on what kinda kid you were, like if you were the kinda kid that imagined monsters a lot and running away from them, you’re probably gonna be good in acting in these kinds of movies. ”

The cast also talked about what it’s like to film something in front of a green screen when effects will be added later. With some prompting from Jack Black, Dylan Minnete  described a particularly uncomfortable experience.

“Ok, so in one scene I kissed a ghost,” he said, “and without the animation… I had to kiss air. It was honestly the most awkward thing I’ve filmed in my life. ”
And with that Ryan added, “I got it on video!” He quickly pulled out his phone and showed me the video. And it made my day.