The Poe Estate


The novel “The Poe Estate” is an exciting adventure story of a girl who’s sister passed away and left a ghost in her place to keep a promise. It’s really a great book for all fantasy lovers. It really goes down to the very roots of literature, especially haunted house stories. The main character, Susannah, Sukie for short, misses her sister dearly and feels like she can’t live without her. Sukie’s world was an endless black pit that she couldn’t get out of. And then, Kitty’s (Sukie’s sister’s) ghost came around. Even though Kitty was there, it wasn’t the same, and both of them knew that it never would be. About one third of the way through, it takes a turn. You’ll have to find out for yourself what it is. Her classmate, (who she’s annoyed by) Cole, and Sukie end up going on a wild fictional adventure with so much feeling and emotion that it’s hard to belive, but not hard to imagine. 

I loved this book. I’d probably recommend it to almost anyone, unless they have no idea who Edgar Allen Poe is . If you enjoy any kind of fantasy, this novel’s for you. I adore fiction and I have heard of Poe, so naturally, I got a kick out of it and I hope you will too!