“Monster Hunters Unlimited, Man-Monsters and Animal Horrors”


“Monster Hunters Unlimited, Man-Monsters and Animal Horrors” by John Gatehouse and Dave Windett is a monster encyclopedia for kids.

There are two categories of monsters that are described in this book. The first category, which has 14 creatures, is the Man-Monster category. Man-Monsters are “vicious human-animal hybrid creatures that combine body parts to create a flesh-eating, blood guzzling, freak show supreme.“ This category includes creatures such as the Manticore, Ogres, Bigfoot, and Were-Beasts.

The second category is the Animal Horrors category. Animal Horrors are “legendary vicious varmints and mammalian monstrosities.” This category also has 14 creatures, including the Great Naked Bear, Hellhounds, the Mongolian Death Worm, and the Jersey Devil.

For each creature there is information such as location, appearance, strength, weakness, powers, fear factor, history, and diet. There are also color drawings of each creature. For example, my favorite creature, Koschei the Deathless, lives in a frozen wasteland, can be killed by finding the egg he was born in and boiling it and giving it to him as food, and seeks out young women (preferably the wife of a hero) to kidnap, torture, and kill. His fear is factor of 99.9 out of 100, with 100 being the scariest creature in the world.

There is a fact file at the end that gives you short facts about additional creatures (12 more) that were not covered in depth earlier in the book. This part is interesting because it is unique from the rest of the book.

I loved this book even though it is a bit on the gruesome side. I recommend it for kids over 10 years of age. It was pretty easy to read (only 128 pages long) just as long as you understand that it is like an encyclopedia and not a story. It is nice because you can jump around the book if you’d like. This book is #3 of a series, and I intend to read the other ones (the first book is called “Monster Hunters Unlimited, The Undead and Water Beasts”).