Puzzle Party, Anyone?


Puzzles have been around for centuries and have only gotten better as time goes on. They’ve progressed from simple cardboard jigsaw pieces to more complicated pieces made of all kinds of materials. Unique types of puzzles have sprung up as well, like the Rubix cube, crossword, and countless others. They’re great for everyone and there’s nothing quite like sitting down and trying to solve a problem.

Whether it be a jigsaw puzzle, logic puzzle, or maze, all skill levels are welcome. Not only are they fun, they’re a great mental exercise and some studies have even shown that doing puzzles can slow not only the aging process, but also the progression of mental deterioration, memory loss, and dementia. They can also help improve cognition, IQ, mental stability, and knowledge application. Some scientists even claim that doing puzzles can help people with depression and anxiety, though there’s no solid proof for this yet.

The oldest puzzles are jigsaw puzzles, and today some jigsaw puzzles are immensely large. “Shipwreck Reef” for example is 1500 pieces that form a picture of a bright coral reef teeming with multiple kinds of fish and featuring a wrecked ship in the background.

Some people will be scared away by how many pieces are in this puzzle, but once you start working this puzzle goes pretty quickly and is overall simple to put together. There aren’t any really weird shapes, yet each piece is unique which makes it hard to put pieces in the wrong place while at the same time making it easy to organize.

I found the bright colors and extreme detail to be very eye-catching and easy to focus on. I had a lot of fun putting it together, and despite the number of pieces, it only took about 2 weeks of about half an hour of work a day, and it really was pretty easy to put together.

I’d definitely recommend this puzzle, which is produced by Melissa & Doug, to anyone who likes puzzles. Although it was easy, if you hate puzzles or are under 10, then I wouldn’t recommend it. However, if you are willing to try a jigsaw puzzle, I think you would have fun with this one, and it would make a perfect birthday or holiday gift. After all, why not do a puzzle?