Touch Earth, Mars and The Moon


Hugg-A-Planet toys are soft, huggable stuffed fabric with details that give kids an idea of what planets look like. I invited two 5-year-old neighbors to play with the toys. These are my observations of what they did and did not like. Their most favorite thing was crashing the planets together.

Earth has a Velcro pocket that contains the moon that they loved. I think there should have been a pocket with something on Mars too because it was a little disappointing that Earth had one and Mars did not.

The colors and details were great but a little confusing. Earth showed the ocean as light blue for shallow and dark blue for deep, which was hard for the boys to understand. However, this is a good teaching toy.

The toys are colorful and inviting with different shades of blue, purple, green, orange and red. The planets are labeled clearly and the moon shows craters, but it was a little hard at first to understand that it was the moon. Mars was colored orange and red and had a lot of detailed swirls. I thought they were dust storms and we couldn’t figure them out.

I think these toys wouldn’t be good for very young children or old kids Young kids might be a little overwhelmed by the details and older kids just wouldn’t find them interesting. I think the main age group is 4 to 7.

One great thing about these toys is that they really sparked imagination. The boys used them as hats, pillows, and even kangaroo pouches.

For all those little guys and girls out there with big ideas of Earth, Mars and the moon, they can touch them at last with Hugg-A-Planet toys!