Big Castle, Big Hit!


There are plenty of toys and games that are available for the holidays, but the Playmobil Castle and Dragon set is definitely going to be a pleaser for the kids, although maybe not the parents.

When you open the large box, the first thing you find is a whole lot of confusing. There is a lot of plastic baggies with small connectors and a bunch of big siding panels that are all taped together.

Then there is the construction. The instructions are all in pictograms and you have to have a special tool to add the connectors. If that is the piece missing (because one or two always are) you cannot put anything together.

After the two and a half hours of putting it together, you have to set up all of the little pieces and characters and try not to lose any of the tiny coins or scabbards in the process.

The final result is a three foot by three foot tan-colored castle with moving walls and a working drawbridge and secret compartments.

I did not have the best time playing with it. The castle was very complicated, the characters kept falling over and you kept having to realign the castle. When my little brother Finn played with it, though, he had a grand time, and now we have a small plastic dragon named “Dwagano.”

I would recommend this toy to any family with a “big kid” that likes medieval stuff, although you have to be willing to pay the $160.00 price, along with the $30.00 dollar price for the dragon (separate sets).

This set is lots of fun for any kid with an imagination, and any adult with a bit budget. This toy will be a big hit on Christmas Morning!