Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magic Set


The Magic Coin Box involves four boxes, a red pouch, a coin slot, and one coin. ( everything provided except coin) This trick teaches children that an object can be teleported by showing the coin in the magicians hand and then in a tightly sealed box. This is an awesome illusion I highly recommend performing this trick.

Another trick involves a half empty box with a whole lot of secrets. Place a magic wand through the two holes on the ends of the empty box. But wait, the wand doesn’t seem to be inside the box, but we can see it at both ends of the box! What’s happening!

This trick will teach kids about evaporating object. I love this trick as much as I love the coin box trick. One part of this trick I abhor is the point of view the spectators must look at. They may not look at any other angle of the area of the box. This creates massive destruction in your presentation because you will always show your tricks to some a little too curios spectators that might just want to see some more.

The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magic set will blow your friends and family away. I really do recommend this amazing magic set. You can find this magic set online and at a local Target or toys store.