Your Plush Emotions


Have you seen the movie phenomenon Inside Out by Disney Pixar? If not, I truly hope you go see it, because, guess what? The new Inside Out plushies by TOMY are here! With plush, squeezable bodies and detailed features, these plush toys are perfect for any Inside Out fan above the age of four. The clothes for each plush are attached to the cloth body and the figures can be posed, but most can’t stand on their own. There are six plushies in this series which include Joy (the happy one), Sadness (the depressed one), Anger (the mad one), Disgust (the picky one), Fear (the scared one), and Bing Bong (Riley’s imaginary friend). Most of the plushies are true to their characters and resemble the actual individual in the movie, while some do not..
Joy does not match her look from Inside Out very closely. The main difference is her eyes, which are measureably different from her eyes in the film. Plus, her hair does not look as loose and stylish as in the movie, yet her body and dress are precise. On top of that, if you press her hand you will hear some joyful talking.

Sadness is not the cutest character in the actual motion picture but she is certainly the cutest plush, although she does not look like the character that much. Nevertheless, she has the same blue skin tone and glasses (the plushie’s are styrofoam) with the matching sweater and sad expression. If you like even more fun, press Sadness’ hand and listen to some depressing words from Ms. Sadness herself.

Anger is exactly what he is like in the movie, though he is a tiny bit skinnier. Anger has a flaming hot head, literally, since there is “fire” coming out from the top. He is wearing the same work shirt and tie as in the movies and as always, if you press his hand, you will hear some expressions made by Anger in Inside Out.

Disgust, however, does not look exactly like her character. She looks a lot happier than in the movie as her plush is smiling and she does not do a lot of that in the movie. In addition, her hair is not the type of curl as it is in the movie and is instead straight. Nonetheless, her dress is very similar and if you press her hand, once again, you will hear phrases said by the one and only Disgust in the movie.

Fear is a replica of the character in Inside Out. He has a checkered sweater with a bow tie and a long nose just like in the movie. Plus, if you press his hand you might hear some recognizable phrases from Inside Out.

Bing Bong is the coolest of the plushies. He has parts from the elephant, dolphin, cotton candy, and astronaut (plus, who knows what else). Furthermore, if you shake Bing Bong, he “cries” candy. (Things that look like candy float in the eye area.) His tummy/middle parts, which in the movie are made of cotton candy, smell like cotton candy and look like it too. Finally, if you squeeze his tummy, you may hear some of Bing Bong’s wise words from the movie.
Overall, these Inside Out plush toys by TOMY are a great toy for Inside Out fans. They are sure to meet your standards if you’re looking for something more from this major motion picture.