Interesting Idea, Boring Build


The Towering Castle from Melissa & Doug is a very fun puzzle with great detail and 200 pieces. A crumbling bridge over a murky pond leads to an expansive field with wildflowers to the side. The castle stands tall in the last light of day, as the snips of sunlight come through the clouds. Just looking at it gives a sense of atmosphere, which leaves you in awe. One of the main selling points of the puzzle is that each piece is shaped differently. However, this does mean that some of the pieces are overly large and oddly shaped. Most of the pieces have only slight differences; this isn’t a reason to buy this puzzle.

Since some of the pieces can be just slightly different, this can give the puzzle unneeded difficulty, and the age recommendation should be older than eight. The entire puzzle is made up of a symmetrical castle, a field, and a bridge. Since the castle is symmetrical, the picture on the pieces basically are the same.

Overall the Towering Castle by Melissa & Doug is a detailed puzzle, that tries to be different by having an odd way to be put together. It can either be seen as a good thing or a bad thing. The bad thing is that this is recommended for eight year olds, who will be surprised that their new puzzle is harder than expected. The good thing is that some people want a challenge. But honestly, if you want a challenge, you aren’t going to be looking at a 200 piece puzzle recommended for young kids.