Be a “Jem” Never Underestimate Yourself


From the studio that brought you Pitch Perfect and the director of Never Say Never, Jem and the Holograms is a drama, rockstar and high-tech movie.

In Pine View, California lives a girl named Jerrica Benton. She lives with her three sisters Kimber, Aja, Shana and her Aunt Bailey. All her sisters use technology like there is no tomorrow. The only thing they did together without fighting was singing. Jerrica was too afraid to show her singing gift to others. One night, Jerrica recorded herself singing on tape. She showed herself as “Jem”, what her dad called her before he passed away. Her true identity was recorded and Jerrica had never planned to show anyone. Her sister Kimber took the video and uploaded it to YouTube. In a matter of time, it had millions of likes. Everyone wanted to know who “Jem” was.

A lady named Erika Raymond sought her out with hopes to get her to sign a recording contract. Jerrica wouldn’t sign it unless her sisters were allowed to be a part of her band. With many struggles along the way, off to L.A. they went.

Jerrica took with her a robot named Synergy that her dad never finished working on. That night something strange happened to Synergy. He began to glow and hum. The robot rose to life. Throughout the movie the robot shows Jerrica and her sisters maps and clues to various places. These places held the pieces to finish the construction of Synergy. While finding the pieces, the robot teaches Jerrica valuable lessons. The lessons were what Jerrica’s dad wanted her to learn even though he wasn’t around to teach her.

This movie is filled with laughter, love, fame, fashion, a great soundtrack, and more. This movie teaches three important lessons: Be who you want to be, Don’t underestimate yourself, and Never fear the unknown. I would recommend this movie for everyone. I absolutely loved this movie. Remember to be yourself and don’t worry about what others think about you!