Ever Wanted a Banana Piano? No Problem for Makey Makey!


Makey Makey is a toy that enables you to use household items to do things on your computer. There are three kinds of Makey Makey kits that you can get. There is Makey Makey Go, Makey Makey Classic, and the Makey Makey Classic Collector’s Box. The Makey Makey Collector’s Box costs $59.95, the Classic version costs $49.95, and the Go version costs $24.95. The classic and collector’s kits come with alligator clips, a Makey Makey circuit board, wires, a micro USB, stickers, and an instruction manual. Makey Makey Go comes with 1 USB “Invention Stick”, a case with a magnet, 1 white alligator clip, a keyring, and instructions. The collector’s version also comes with a tin to put all of the stuff in. I tested the Collector’s Box edition and made a banana piano, banana bongos, pencil Pacman controller, and a banana Mario controller. The toy works with anything that is even the least bit conductive.

This is a very fun and unique toy. The toy is rated 8 to “Infinity” so you can still have fun with it even if you’re older. It is something that you can keep and play with for a long time so the price is worth it for the Classic and Collector’s editions. The Go edition only comes with one alligator clip so it’s not as worth it unless you’re only going to use one alligator clip in your projects. Otherwise, you should probably get the other versions.
Overall, this is a fun, unique toy that kids and adults will like playing and experimenting with. The next thing I’m going to try is making a Mario controller out of Playdough.