Welcome to Mars!


In Buzz Aldrin’s new book, Welcome to Mars: Making A Home on the Red Planet, there is valuable information related to creating your home on Mars. There are many graphics and pictures that make the “complex” facts and information easy to understand and comprehend. I personally found that it was a good reference book to get from the library, but I found no need to own it. The main question that Aldrin writes the book based off of is “would you like to be one of the first humans to walk on Mars, possibly living on it?” It is meant to inspire future generations to reach for infinity and beyond whether “infinity” is travelling to Mars or other planets in our solar system. In the end, I found that this book was an interesting mix of fact and dreams that Aldrin hoped would come true. This publication is meant for ages 8 through 12 and is definitely a must-read for people passionate about Mars!